Search Engine Optimisation


Optimise your website. Grow your clients and leads

Professional search engine optimisation services. We follow a methodical, tried and tested approach to get results. Our services are transparent and we share the results, including search engine rankings, with you. Read on to learn about our approach.

Website Analysis

We can produce a comprehensive report of the technical performance of your website.

This can highlight quick-wins and areas which, with a small number of changes, can be effective at improving your online visibility.

This information can be highly revealing and might suggest changes that could be made to your website in order to rank higher and to generate more traffic to your site by attracting more customers.

Keyword Analysis

We will work with you to determine the searches use to find your website and build a list of keywords and phrases which work with our SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) Tracking service.

Typically for an e-commerce website this might be the list of your categories and best-selling products. For a more bespoke website this activity may require a more in-depth analysis of your offerings to arrive at the list of words and phrases that people might use to find you.

We can check and advise the likely volumes of traffic for various phrases so as to be able to target those which generate the most traffic.

Once the list has been determined and agreed with you, we can set up tracking for your website to see how your website performs for those words and phrases.

SERP Tracking

This service is aimed at helping to optimise the performance of our customers' websites within the major search engines.

We can provide SERP tracking for you. We'll automatically check where your website features in Google's listings and provide regular reports so you can see how easy it is for customers to find you online.

Checking ranking positions by means of typing the relevant phrases into Google and then looking to see where your website ranks is a lengthy exercise, however we're able to automate this and run this on a regular basis for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Based on the results gained from the above stages, we can recommend and implement changes within your website which we believe are likely to improve your rankings for specific keywords and phrases.

This is an iterative and highly measurable exercise which involves making changes and then monitoring the effect of those changes by means of tracking changes to rankings.

Part of this exercise involves ascertaining which rankings we believe can benefit from improvement, and agreeing with you which we shall target.

Because it can take Google a little time to respond to changes made and for your rankings to change, we recommend that this activity is carried out over a period of several weeks or months in order to get the best results.